American Vision Windows came to us in the summer of 2019 wanting to share helpful information that was both relevant to their audience and generated interest in their business. They wanted to reach qualified prospects on our website that were interested in home improvement, namely the products they offer.


Our team suggested native, which is a great product for delivering a longer message to viewers on our website without sticking out as an advertiser. With their custom thumbnail photo, headline and article, we secured a spot for them within our digital news feed. We targeted these native and display impressions to homeowners within the San Diego DMA. We also created a Facebook ad campaign to complement the native and display impressions on our website.


The first month generated nearly 45,000 impressions through the native content alone. Blending in well with our news feed, the article garnered nearly 250 clicks. Those viewers stayed on the article page for over a minute on average, soaking in all the content and subsequently the ads for American Vision Windows as well.

As for the social component, the first three weeks amounted to over 166,000 impressions!

American Vision Windows was so pleased with the results from both the native marketing and Facebook campaign that they are still with us almost a year later and show no signs of stopping!

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