FOX 5's Be Our Guest program offers brands (usually restaurants, but we like to get creative) a unique opportunity to generate a ton of brand awareness and engagement with zero cash investment.


The program starts with a live on-air segment featuring a brand and their offerings; the main aim here is to promote a gift certificate we set up together. We advertise your gift certificate through our email and social channels to get the best turnout possible. And after the 90 days on our FOX 5 Be Our Guest website, we'll take a look at how much revenue your offer has generated and will usually funnel that money back into a marketing plan for you and your business.

FOX 5's Be Our Guest program also comes with an advanced reputation management system, which on average creates a 300% increase in online reviews and a one star increase in ratings.

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*this segment has been update due to COVID-19 and is now via video conferencing.


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