Daily ad exposure has increased dramatically with the growth of digital and mobile advertising, so FOX 5 has created unique in-content sponsorships that provide brands unparalleled exposure during live news programming. These sponsorships are designed to help brands stand out against the clutter. All our sponsorships are created to assure a brand safe environment as well.


Our offerings range from standard sponsorships such as our 7-Day Weather or Traffic segments to elaborate sponsorships like Friend of the Day or Drone 5. We also collaborate with brands to customize sponsorships; for example, our Goodwill Job Board sponsorship (pictured below). Most sponsorships entail multi-screen exposure, helping brands gain exposure no matter what platform users are engaged with. Goodwill, for instance, sponsored the Job Board category on our website, which was promoted via on-air mentions, email blasts and Facebook posts. 

We also offer contest sponsorships, where a brand can generate awareness by offering a small or large prize. Our contests are generally promoted through multiple channels as well.

Job Board Sponsorship PPT.png


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