This campaign for the San Diego County Ford Dealers was aimed at generating awareness for the release of their new 2019 Ford Ranger. They wanted to create a video that was informative, exciting and would captivate viewers. The objective for this video was to reach as many people as possible in their target audience of males 25+ in the San Diego DMA in order to get the word out about the return of their popular Ford Ranger.


With the help of our auto expert Nik Miles, we created a stellar video that showcased the speed, dynamics and practicability of the 2019 Ford Ranger. We posted that video to our Facebook to first garner as many organic impressions as possible, and then we boosted it in order to reach a larger and more targeted audience. The video also aired in two FOX 5 newscasts.


Our strategy of first posting organically and then boosting on Facebook garnered a whopping 483,255 impressions within a week. There were also 4,724 engagements with the video. Lastly, there were over 3,500 clicks on the post and over 300 clicks on the link to their website. In addition to the digital portion, the two features on our newscasts reached roughly 22,000 households.

The San Diego County Ford Dealers were so thrilled that they signed up to do the same exact thing for their new 2020 Ford Escape and 2020 Ford Explorer.