The objective of this campaign was to generate more foot traffic to The San Diego Zoo from citizens of both San Diego and Los Angeles. Before working with FOX 5, The San Diego Zoo & Wild Animal Park had never used OTT as a marketing tactic before, but the extreme transparency of our proprietary platform ensured them that they could trust our service and product. It also provided them with real-time analytics at every step of the way. This showed them our dedication to their success as well as how viewers all across Southern California were responding to their message.


FOX 5 set The San Diego Zoo & Wild Animal Park up with an OTT campaign that spanned a month and a half and featured four different creative messages. The targeting included both DMAs of San Diego and Los Angeles. It also targeted adults 25-49 that were interested in the entertainment category. At the same time as this campaign, the client also invested in a second OTT campaign promoting their nighttime zoo.


This OTT campaign delivered over 470,000 impressions to viewers all over Southern California. The ads were delivered to a variety of platforms including: Amazon, Apple TV, Samsung, Roku and many more. Out of the 470,001 impressions that the ad delivered, a whopping 94% of those impressions (429,464 impressions) watched the entirety of the ad and did not skip it to resume their content.

The client was so impressed by our transparent platform and the results we delivered that they decided to renew for the following year.